Friday, 27 September 2013

A great evening for radio

This evening I felt the need to put out a cq on 40m I had brief qso with M0OTT followed by a lengthy conversation with G4ALH. Rob called me after I mentioned the Drake TR-7 I was using. Rob is a fan of the Drake radios and had a few pointers and a bit of advice for keeping the old machine in good order and on frequency. It was a pleasure to have a lengthy chat on 40m with Rob about radios, QRP and a shared interest in a glass of wine on a Friday evening hihi. Rob also has a FT-817 and encouraged my ventures into CW which are evolving... Slowly. 
Tomorrow I have a plan to visit the National Hamfest where my club run the event. Sadly my day job does not allow me time off for the set up or Friday and my Doctor has insisted I do not do anything strenuous. This year I will visit and take photographs to be published in the amateur radio publications we so often see. 
I will look for interesting things to add to the blog at the show. 
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