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IOTA CONTEST 2015 with M9K

This year I promised Simon M0SIY I would join him at his station to run the M9K contest call for the IOTA contest. We had a great time running in the 100w section with two stations and basic antennas. We hope we have done a reasonable performance this year.

Summer in the Outer Hebredies

My career as a lecturer means I have huge busy periods in my life but I do have a nice time during my summer break. This year I took the family with me to visit my favourite place, North units in the Outer Hebredies. It was a nice chance to do some portable operating and some fishing too. I must admit the QRP did not get  a chance with the poor conditions experienced at the time but I did have radio fun in SSB and CW.  The sunset above was the view from the temporary shack window. What a great location with virtually no noise on the bands.  I worked a fair few stations on 40m and proved popular with my worked all Britain WAB square. Thanks to all those that called me as MM0TEF from North Uist.