Thursday, 19 September 2013

A slow evening for QRP

I must have ruined my chances with all of the good luck at the weekend. I have struggled to work two stations this evening. I have worked TM35CDXC on 40m SSB using 2W and SV130PAP 20m SSB having to crank things up to a full 5w after struggling with 2W.

There was lots of DX calling even Brazil on 10m at times but sadly none of them could hear my low power signal and tonight I was determined not to turn the power above 5w to try and add a few more countries for the mini QRP competition with G0RQQ & M6ZRT. Recently they seem to be romping off into the lead of countries and points. (See my earlier post 15/9/13 for details of our QRP challenge)

I am hopeful that at some point this weekend I will find some decent strong signals to attempt a QSO with or a station with good RX and not many callers.

I remain hopeful I can work a few more on perhaps even 500mw to improve my score. Maybe I will have to make a decent QRP effort in large contest to see if I can bump up the numbers.

For now maybe I will flick over to CW and sit listening to some morse to hone my skills ready for the inevitable first step I need to make into CW QSOs.

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