Sunday, 15 September 2013

EG8BFS -12m with 1w ssb and a dodgy antenna

I just received a text message from Tim M6ZRT alerting me to a special event station in Tenerife on 12m. The radio was set up at the side of the bed on the 1w power setting. I managed to get the contact on my first call although he did ask for a repeat of my call sign. We exchanged the standard 59 reports and moved on. He was a genuine 57-9 here with QSB but I very much doubt I was 59 in return. After my success Keith G0RQQ messages me to let me know he heard me and worked the same station with 500mw - Another qrp success and my second QSO breaking the 1000m per watt threshold. The station was my ft-817 into my attic dipoles. The twist is I don't have a 12m antenna and quite a high SWR on the 10m part of the fan dipole. Still, the contact was made all the same.

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