Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Fun with the Drake TR-7 and sadly no QRP

Another evening on the bands for me while my wife watches some TV and a few contacts on 40m two of which were SQ9OUB and IV3WTJ.

I have left QRP alone this evening.... Why? I have been demonstrating my station to a fellow Ham using the Drake TR-7 and I had the antenna connected to that radio. Some of you may be aware that there is no power output adjustment for that radio on SSB aside altering the ALC circuit. It is a wonderful radio that was given to me by the family of the late Sid, G4CTQ/ET3SID SK (among other amazing DX calls). I like to be able to use the old radio, have fun and remember a good friend at the same time. It is not QRP but then Sid was not one for keeping the power low when calling CQ. I guess having been DX for most of his life travelling around the world then he needed to be heard to make an impact on the air.

When I was given the radio I spent some time servicing it and getting it back to where it should be and discovered that the serial number made the radio the exact same age as myself give or take a month. Ok so QRP gets set aside for the evening but I do get fond memories of a friend, make contacts and most importantly enjoy my hobby. There was still no need for the amp though. :)

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