Saturday, 21 September 2013

Hamlog App and the forgotten contacts

I have just been sitting down to try and work some stations on the bedside radio and realised the iPad and laptop were downstairs. I normally log using Apple kit and use the RumLog software and the iPad App too and share the log using Dropbox. Instead I turned to my iphone and recalled that I have the Hamlog App for portable operations.

On opening the App I discovered that I have a run of contacts I had forgotten to export to my main log, all of them are QRP and most count towards the unofficial challenge with G0RQQ and M6ZRT. Maybe I am not so far behind and I had no recollection of working Cyprus with 2w but it is in the log. I am glad that this technology exists and will be exporting the log and adding it to RumLog later today and then maybe have a look at my points gained this year to see where I fit in the game. 

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