Monday, 16 September 2013

Who said 10m was dead?

This evening I turned on the QRP station around 1900UTC to find 10m full of signals. I didn't manage any amazing DX but did sped some time trying to call in the pileup for Bob VP8LP, sadly my 5w was not enough to compete on this occasion. I had the same result trying to work PY2VI, sometimes QRP isn't quite enough but then if it was all easy it wouldn't have quite so much appeal.

I did manage to work Manuel EA8JK on 10m running 5w into the attic dipoles. I did try on lower power but he just couldn't hear me this evening. Maybe I will be lucky enough to catch another opening soon and grab a few DX contacts before the pileups begin.

Lets hope for more 10m openings soon.

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