Thursday, 24 October 2013

QRP super low power awards and achievement

Keith G0RQQ has contacted me today to let me know how he is getting on with the QRP challenge, he has taken to trying to work everyone with 500mw SSB on all bands possible.
So far he has managed to work: -

Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, England, Finland, Germany, Gran Canaria, Italy (on both HF and 6m), Portugal, Russia, Sicily, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine. 

All these with just 500mw of SSB power into a roughly 20m horizontal loop in the attic.

The other part of the news was that Keith has gained an award for what he has achieved. He now has a 7-band 1000 Miles per watt award from the QRP Amateur Radio Club Inc (QRP-ARCI.) The bad news is there is a delay in the award, the reason... Keith is only the second person ever to claim the award and the only one person to manage it using just SSB. Keith is now aiming to complete the feat on more bands and see if there is a the chance of creating a higher number of bands award.

Of course the total list of countries are many more when you add the 1w, 2.5w and 5w contacts to the list. Remember that the list above is just since January 2013 with causal operating.

Well done Keith... Please slow down so I can catch up on the challenge.

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