Saturday, 26 October 2013

QRPp Contesting, 500mw amazement.

I have been working a few stations this evening in the CQWW SSB contest, I have made my station basic and low power on purpose, it is all about the QRP challenge this year and my setup reflect the rewards that basic operating can give. 

I have worked the following stations already with 500mw SSB using the butternut HF9V antenna and patience. Of course it's a standard 59 report being in contest, a shame really that I didn't get a true report from the other side of the QSO. 

DF0HQ on 80m
DF0HQ on 40m
K1BX on 10m
VY2TT on 10m 
RL3A on 15m
RN3F on 20m

The mission is to see if I can match Keith's (G0RQQ) 7 band 1000miles per watt award but over a weekend, I'm not far off. I may sneak onto 160m later or wait until morning for 12/17m although I have already got one qso for 1000miles per watt on 12m from a couple of weeks ago with an EA8 station. 

Keith has had a run if success on 10m with five 500mw contacts across the Atlantic. Hopefully more QRP DX will follow for us both. 

Below is a picture of the basic station a it stands this evening. You may start to notice I am forever shifting my radios to allow for work and experimenting. 


  1. Good morning Alistair, Ahhhhh yes QRPp it sure is a nice feeling to have your call heard when only using mw power! I too have dabbled in the very low power and have been very pleased with the results. I hope you were able to make your 160m contact to get the all band QRPp.

    1. I never managed it Mike, I will be looking to make it happen soon... I hope anyway, It can't be all that hard having made so many in a short period of time it much be possible with persistence . I am starting to see anything more than 5w as QRO now though. I knew QRPp works well on CW but on SSB it really impressed me.