Tuesday, 31 December 2013

QRP DXCC Count 2013

I know the year is not quite over yet, so things may change a little, but I have been working out some stats on this years operating at the M0TEF station.

This year I have worked 79 DXCC entities, 44 of them worked at 5w or below. That makes 56% of my countries count over the last year have been made by using QRP. In reality though I worked several countries several times on different bands all at QRP or QRPp power levels. My best DX was working VY2TT on 10m with 500mW SSB. This effort has come from very casual operating and a relaxed style using the radio every now and again to make the score. I wonder what could be done with a really solid effort and schedule of operation, let alone better wire antennas with decent gain.

I had a quick total up of my points based on our unofficial QRP challenge. I have a grand total of 81 points and at this stage Keith G0RQQ has 94, I have been beaten because there is no way I can get that many extra points in one day with less than great conditions. I am not sure about Tim M6ZRT's score but I am pleased to see how well I have done with such low power. I put Keith's success down to his contacts made with 500mw for a 4 point score. Keith managed 35 out of 67 DXCC entities at QRP making his a 52% QRP effort. I think he has clearly won it on the bonus for lower power operation. I need to do more like Keith and work more at 500mw next time. Here goes with a slightly premature well done Keith as we wait and see what Tim has come up with.

Happy New Year, good DX and good QRP efforts. If you make one resolution let it be to listen out for those quiet stations, it might just be us QRP ops calling.

73 DE M0TEF ES HNY  .  .

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