Monday, 24 February 2014

Experimentation and the wonder of a wire and QRP

This weekend allowed me the chance to start experimenting and playing with the radio equipment that I own. 

I decided to rearrange the shack and get the FT-847 ready for some portable ops in the spring, as a part of that I wondered how it might perform on the attic dipoles so decided to move it to the bed side shack location. OK it is a little bigger than the FT-817 but it is only to experiment and will be moved ready for portable soon after experimenting. My very understating XYL hasn't complained yet but I did get "that" look that so many of us radio obsessed folk get when we are playing radio. You can see the temporary setup in the image. 

I was really pleased with the success of this radio on 2w SSB QRP operation. The RX on this radio is a little better than the FT-817 at this noise swamped urban location. 

On Sunday I was pleased to work a few stations on the 817 and the 847. My best was 6W/MM0NDX using the 817 at 5w SSB on 10m and the attic dipole. The second best was a nice QSO and not just a 59 With Dieter DL8NDD/M who was shocked at the 2w out from the 847 into an attic dipole on 20m for a genuine 59 report and a decent exchange. 
I am always pleased and a little surprised by how effective lengths of thin wire and 2w of power can really be in making communications over a distance. 

I have been very busy in my day job as a college lecturer and radio has had to take a back seat. Thankfully I have been able to make a few contacts this weekend. I hope as the weather improves I can make the most of going out portable. I may even start to progress on a little more with my CW.