Sunday, 29 March 2015

Frog sounds QRP transceiver fun and first QSO

Last night I had a chance to try my new Frog sounds QRP transceiver that I got from a Chinese eBay store. The unit cost me £21 and a few pence and I hadn't realised when I purchased it that it was pre built. I was hopeful it would be a kit but that is no huge loss. 

I am impressed by something so simple, the rx wasn't bad at all and the unit transmits well too. 

I had my first QSO with Keith G0RQQ which was just a few miles away but a contact all the same and wanted to test it out and make sure all was well. 

I found its frequency for TX was 7023.45 and te rx is approximately 3khz wide. I had a problem with the band being very busy and 4-5 stations all in the passband, something I think I can live with this for the simple and basic rig and low cost. 

I ran the tests using a PP3 9v battery and was pleased it all worked and had a stable tone too. The spec says it should put out between 1 & 2 watts from 9v but I have yet to test it with a reliable low power meter. 

My next step will be to try and work some DX with it if we can. 

Sadly the eBay price didn't include extra straight key skills so all I can do is apologise to Keith for my pretty poor sending. 

I have included a couple of images of front and back and hope to post more about my contacts with this great little machine.