Wednesday, 30 March 2016

New toy - Youkits HB1B QRP rig

My new toy arrived today, I spotted an eBay bargain at the weekend and accidentally hit the buy it now button (well that's what I told my XYL) 

Early indications and quick tests including a couple of quick QSOs tell me I'm going to love the basic simplicity of this radio. Tomorrow I have even negotiated a trip to the beach so I can check it out by the sea. 

I hope to make a few videos of this and the pixie kits soon and get them on YouTube and linked to the blog. 

Please listen out for me and excuse my terrible CW skills. 



  1. I'm interested to see your HB-1B videos. Did someone else build it and then resell it?

  2. It was bought from eBay but I think this model comes fully assembled. My video should be online soon at ...