Thursday, 31 March 2016

To the beach

My wife suggested we have a family trip to the local beach and I took that as an opportunity to put the new rig in my rucksack and see how it worked portable.

I took the HB1B, Palm mini paddle, 12v SLA battery, a multi band 40m EFHW design antenna and a 6m pole as well as all of the family picnic related kit. 

It was easy to find a spot out of the wind and set up, initially I thought something was wrong because of the lack of noise but it wasn't long before the signals on the band gave me confidence. I put out a CQ call at the 14.060 QRP watering hole and was answered by OH5LP and also worked HA0HH further down the band who was calling CQ and a decent signal to me. I didn't spend much time playing radio with having the family but did try the new station and work a few contacts. 

I took some video that I will try and edit together for YouTube but my early findings on this rig is that it is certainly a FB radio and just perfect for what I needed. I hope to get a few more portable ops done before I return to work next week. 

EDIT----- video link to YouTube

73 for now M0TEF. 


  1. Nice, and very basic. It has been very nice weather there! 73, Bas

  2. Nice to read about portable op's again! Very nice work and keep us posted as to how the rig works out for you.
    73, Mike